MKR contenders revealed

11 January, 2015 by Press Release

For the first time ever in the history of My Kitchen Rules a mother and son will join in the contest to decide whose kitchen rules.

They will do battle with a cowboy, a pair of oyster farmers, a former professional tennis player and socialites determined to show Australia that their cooking ability is equal to their social significance.


The most watched regular program of 2014 with an average audience of 2.7 million (combined), MKR returns alongside a host of must-watch programs on Monday February 2 on Seven.

Earlier that day, Seven has your seat booked for a global sporting event unlike any other. Phoenix Arizona hosts Super Bowl XLIX, beamed into Australia live on Channel 7 from 10am AEDT.

At 5.30pm, Million Dollar Minute premieres a new season with host Simon Reeve itching to make someone a millionaire.

Also returning on February 2 is Seven’s celebrated Australian drama Home and Away which joins the party for its 27th season.

This year’s 2015 MKR contenders are:

Queensland – Jac & Shaz – Mt Isa Cousins
Western Australia – Kat & Andre – Engaged
New South Wales – Robert & Lynzey – Texan Dad and Daughter
Victoria – Ash & Camilla – Socialites
South Australia – Annie & Lloyd – High School Sweethearts
Australian Capital Territory – Gina & Anna – Competitive Canberrans

New South Wales – Carol & Adam – Recently Married
Western Australia – Eva & Debra – Workmates
South Australia – Vicky & Celine – Mum and Daughter
Queensland – Sheri & Emilie – Life Long Friends
Victoria – Matt & Rob – Oyster Farmers
Victoria – Rose & Josh – Mother and Son

MY KITCHEN RULES 2015 premieres Monday, February 2.