Monster Auditions held online

06 May, 2009 by IF

Press release from Sticky Pictures

They’re making a buzz on Saturday nights on SBS and now the animated adult comedy shorts Monster Auditions are available online at


Produced by Australian prod-co Sticky Pictures, Monster Auditions (10 X 1’) are short animated monologues of monsters who are visiting a life-coach. Each episode starts on the couch as the monster talks candidly about their problems in a human way.

Across the series we meet a vampire with a crush, a zombie battling an addiction, a blob monster who feels typecast and a human fly coming to terms with his conception. There’s also a shapeshifter, swamp monster, octopoids and many more. All are facing an audition of some kind – an event which will change their lives or possibly just their afternoon.

Created by writer/producer Stu Connolly and animator/director Suren Perera, the doco-styled series is a unique blend of animation and photographic stills that give the illusion the monsters are living among us.

The series premiered on SBS TV in April and can be found in between Mythbusters and Iron Chef, around 8.28pm.

Says Sticky Pictures Executive Producer Donna Andrews “Monster Auditions are quirky, entertaining, bitedsized mockumentary moments. The web is the perfect way to see them all, and a great way to share them with friends.”

Carole Sklan, Drama Commissioning Editor for SBS TV and Online, says "Monster Auditions are eccentric, entertaining stories about diversity and difference. They are ten of the six billion stories from SBS!"

Monster Auditions was made possible by a funding initiative between SBS and Screen Australia to promote the extraordinary talent of animation filmmakers in Australia. It will be distributed worldwide by SBS International.