More 4 Me wins doco award at New York City International Film Festival

07 September, 2011 by IF

Press release from Buzz Corporate Communications

Creation Box Films is proud to announce that its debut feature-length documentary More 4 Me won the Times Square Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature at the New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF), with its founder Roberto Rizzo (Maid in Manhattan, 30 Rock and Law and Order) describing it as “very entertaining, very interesting, and very dynamic.”


In the face of the global financial crisis, More 4 Me follows Australian filmmaker Lincoln Fenner as he travels across five continents to highlight ‘need vs. greed’.

“If I was to ask you ‘what’s the one thing you can’t live without?’ you might say your mobile phone or plasma TV. On the other hand you may say a cup of dirty drinking water. It would depend where in the world you were born,” said Fenner.

More 4 Me was shot with a two-man crew over an intensive four-week period. Nearly 200 interviews were recorded in 13 locations across seven countries and five continents – from home of Hollywood actor Vincent Jerosa (Carlito’s Way, Crocodile Dundee II) to remote Cambodian villages with the leading lady of the Australian stage Marina Prior (Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables).

According to Fenner, the experience at the New York festival was a surreal one.

“Knowing the film would screen in Times Square was amazing, but to get there and see it projected at the crossroads of the world was incredible,” he said.

“There are quite a few scenes featuring Times Square in the movie, some with myself narrating to camera with the giant electronic billboards behind me. When I had dodged traffic to get those shots, I had no idea that four years later I'd be sitting in the same place watching the film with thousands of onlookers.”

“Receiving the audience prize for Best Documentary was the icing on the cake,” said Fenner.

“I am so grateful to my family and crew who have supported me so tirelessly; in particular the film's cinematographer Andrew Hooper who made the journey around the world with me to shoot this documentary.”

Fenner set a mandate from the beginning to donate 75% of the film’s profits to the aid organisations featured in the film and recently distributed AUD$11,000 across the five major charities.

Whilst in the States, Fenner met with various distributors and is expected to finalise agreements in the coming weeks.