Davis and Sullivan in Legacy – A Ride to Conquer Motor Neurone Disease.

New Australian feature documentary Legacy – A Ride to Conquer Motor Neurone Disease is set to go on the road via TUGG with special filmmaker Q&As on the east coast in May 2016. 

Directed by The Pretend One team of director Tony Prescott and producer Dinusha Ratnaweera, the film tells the story of doctor Ian Davis and father of two Scott Sullivan, both battling Motor Neurone Disease (MND). 

Mounted on a custom-built tandem bike, the two men embark on an epic journey down the east coast of Australia to raise awareness of MND.

The Legacy team will partner with the MND and Me Foundation’s Million Metres for MND Ride from Brisbane to Sydney, where a peloton of riders will recreate the same cycling journey from Sydney to Brisbane that Davis and Sullivan undertook in the film.  

Screenings will happen in towns along the ride from 22-28 May.

Other premiere screenings with filmmaker Q&As will be held earlier in May in Byron Bay (May 12), Sydney (May 16) and Melbourne (May 17).  

“It feels powerful to be launching the film with the Million Metres for MND Ride and screening the film in the communities we visited with Ian and Scott during production", director Tony Prescott said.

"It’s an opportunity to experience and honour Ian and Scott’s journey, celebrate their remarkable achievements and raise awareness for MND. There is an urgent need to find a cure for MND and we need characters that are going to evoke empathy and inspire change." 

"With an average life expectancy of 2.5 years, people with MND often don’t live long enough to really impact the wider community. Both Scott and Ian are remarkable men who vowed that while they still had a voice they would shout for all those MND sufferers who can’t speak anymore. I hope the film inspires people to not only get active in the campaign to find a cure for MND but also ask themselves what’s important in life and what legacy will I leave?”.

CEO of the MND and Me Foundation and organiser of the ride Paul Olds is still in awe of Davis and Sullivan’s determination. 

“These guys were amazing and just so inspiring. They got on that bike every day with no complaints, determined to reach the next destination. As soon as they were off the bike they spent hours interacting with the public. Nothing was too difficult, smiles were always present and their time was freely given no matter how exhausted they were.” 

Watch the trailer here.


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