MUFF 8 winners – announced at Closing Night Sunday 30 September at F-Four Nightclub. 
You will notice that 70K and Ashley and Kisha have been given awards. Though these films did not screen at MUFF due to the ban from the OFLC the jury saw them and were so impressed as to present them with awards. 
Thanks you to all entrants and winners especially the stand out MUFF Neu films A Nocturne, Left Ear, Blackwater, Taber Corn, Garth Goes Hitch Hiking and Moonlight and Magic and great shorts Forged and The Interrogation Of Bryan – MUFF Festival Director Richard Wolstencroft 

* Best Film
A Nocturne
Dir: Bill Mousoulis

* Best Director 
David Nerlish and Andrew Traucki – Blackwater

* Best Male Actor 
Lech Mackiewicz – Left Ear

* Best Female Actor 
Vanessa De Largie – A Nocturne

* Best Supporting Male Actor 
Blake Ryan – Taber Corn

* Best Supporting Female Actor 
Maxine Klibingaitis - Moonlight and Magic 

* Special Jury Prize 
Left Ear

Dir: Andrew Wholley

* Best Guerilla Film

Taber Corn

Dir: Linden Reko

* Most Gratuitous Use of Violence 
The Subject

* Most Gratuitous Use of Sex 
Ashley and Kisha

* Best Documentary (Tie)
Garth Goes Hitch Hiking
Dir: Gregory Pakis

Dir: Jamie Howarth

* Best Cinematography

* Best Screenplay

Left Ear – Lech Mackiewicz

* Best Sound 
Roaring Whispers

* Best Editing 
Bill Mousoulis – A Nocturne

* Best Short 
Dir: David No

* Runner-Up Best Short 
The Interrogation of Bryan
Dir: Tom Salisbury

* Best Foreign Film 
Ashley and Kisha
Dir: Tony Comstock

* Best Foreign Director 
Tony Comstock

* Best Foreign Male Actor 
Hideki Kitagawa – Love Runs Faster Than Blood

* Best Foreign Female Actor  
Mihino – Love Runs Faster Than Blood

[release from MUFF]

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