Independent cinemas will work together on national promotions and marketing campaigns under the My Cinema brand.

The initiative was launched on Tuesday at the opening of the Independent Cinemas Association of Australia conference in Sydney.

“My Cinema creates the opportunity to deliver greater impacts and consistency across 93 co-ordinated promotional campaigns, each uniquely delivered in the way that best meets the character and needs of the cinemas’ local sub-market, “ said ICAA CEO Adrianne Pecotic.

ICAA is keen to see Australian films benefit from access to the My Cinema platform. Results would be measured against past performance to ensure the platform is effective in growing the market for Australian film, she said.

All 93 members of the association, representing 830 screens which equate to more than 80% of the independent sector, are automatically part of the My Cinema group. The initiative will result in cost savings in delivery and improve the box-office by giving indie cinemas greater visibility in the national market, she said.

Promo trailers, sneak peek clips and footage of interviews and events will be compiled for a My Cinema channel sent to participating cinemas and foyer screens.

Promo notifications will be sent direct to 35,000 My Cinema app users and by individual cinemas’ apps, websites and social media channels.

It will provide a central web destination for the public to click through terms and conditions for latest promotion and a log in for exhibitors to download marketing, communication, PR and template materials for use on all media channels.

“The My Cinema brand is greater than the sum of its parts,“ Pecotic told attendees. “It is an incentive for exhibitors to work together on promotions they believe will build a national identity, to benefit themselves and your product, that is greater than the profile of each individual business yet keeps the spotlight firmly on your product, your customer and each indie cinema’s own brand.

“It is a platform that builds greater awareness yet preserves exhibitors’ independence and marketing success by keeping them in control of direct engagement with their customers- whether over the counter or over the internet.”

The association is inviting distributors, suppliers, major corporates, government agencies and community groups to partner with ICAA to help build the platform.

It’s also seeking sponsors to support initiatives such as My Cinema-branded cups and popcorn boxes at cinemas around Australia.


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