Press release from Sony

At NAB in Las Vegas, Sony has announced the launch of the SR-D1, a compact, affordable and easy to use Memory Drive Unit which opens up the power of F65RAW and SStP workflow to a much wider user base. The SR-D1 is the latest addition to Sony’s SRMASTER family and has been designed for drag & drop ingest of content from SRMemory media recorded using cameras such as the revolutionary F65 with SR-R4 recorder and the PMW-F3 with SR-R1 recorder.

The SR-D1 is equipped with both USB3.0 and eSATA interfaces for direct connection to a computer. Installation of the SR-Driver software onto the computer brings the ability to drag and drop files from SRMemory media using Windows Explorer or MacOS Finder. Clips can also be browsed before transfer using Sony’s F65RAW Viewer or SR Viewer applications.

Anthony Kable, senior product manager at Sony Australia and New Zealand, said; “By expanding the SRMASTER line up we’re making the power of SRMemory operation more accessible across applications such as on-set dailies and post production. The launch of the SR-D1 re-emphasises Sony’s commitment to develop leading-edge technology for professionals who are looking to create their best -ever images in HD, 3D or true 4K”

First deliveries of the SR-D1 are scheduled for July 2012.

SRMASTER is a registered trademark of the Sony Corporation.

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