Press release from Virtualsetworks

Virtualsetworks, the leading provider of virtual set studios, today announced a new line of virtual backgrounds called PowerSets. Virtualsetworks offers an extensive library of pre-existing sets and custom-designed virtual sets. PowerSets make the components within the virtual sets separate, enabling increased flexibility during post-production.

PowerSets allow users to independently move virtual set components and turn layers on or off for expanded customization. There are more opportunities to add or remove things within these sets, such as adjusting furniture, desks and screens. Users can purchase only the elements they need, or bundle elements together as a package.

“We are constantly working to provide high-quality, low-cost virtual backgrounds for video production professionals,” said Eric Pratt, CEO of Virtualsetworks. “We love finding ways to improve our products to fit our customers’ needs, and with PowerSets customers now have greater flexibility and customization opportunities.”

PowerSets were designed to be easy to use and offer multiple layers of content for each virtual angle. With PowerSets, users are able to configure the set to meet their needs. Virtualsetworks products are available as still images and animated sequences in standard definition, high definition, stereoscopic, layered Adobe™ Photoshop™ files compatible with After Effects™, 3D scenes for NewTek's Lightwave™ and Autodesk 3D Studio Max™; as well as NewTek's Tricaster Pro, Studio, Broadcast, XD300, XD450, and XD850 products.

PowerSets are available in a variety of formats starting with a base standard-definition model priced at $99, and expanded high-definition packages up to $599. Virtualsetworks’ virtual sets can be purchased individually or in a pack of 20 at The company also offers hundreds of other virtual set backgrounds from their Studio Sets™ and AnimSets™ lines.

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