NANCY PANSY HAIRY MARY is the First Feature Film to be made by FullyFlaredFilms! After spending the last two – three years developing the script, we now believe this story is ready to get produced! The issue of Homophobia has always been an issue we have longed to address in a film and with NANCY PANSY HAIRY MARY, not only do we address it but we fuck it up royally!

NANCY PANSY HAIRY MARY is a love story about hate. The hate that brings two serial killers together from opposite sides of the world, the hate that drives them to kill as many homophobes as possible and the hate that brings them together to find something they were not aware of. Love. After the events of the past year, Sebastian and Felix finally meet and unleash a whole new type of hell for any homophobe standing in their way. When their lives begin to unravel, and innocent people are killed, they are forced to decide if their love for each other is stronger then their hate for others.

The project has almost raised $10,000 – donations can be made at Pozible.

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