Natural Injustice

06 March, 2013 by The IF Team

Updated:  2013-03-06 11:07:05

Status:  Pre Production


Category:  Feature

Teaser: Brad loses his wife and son in two instances and can’t cope.

Synopsis: Since the death of Brad’s wife 5 years ago, Brad has raised his only son Daniel alone. The pair are near inseparable and share an amazing bond based on love and respect. This bond is severed when, on Daniel’s 16th birthday Daniel is hit and killed by a car. The pain of losing his beloved son is too much for Brad to bear and he descends into a major depression, leading him into a downward spiral of life threatening proportions.



Producer : Jamie Hurley and Rachel Morris

Executive Producer : Jamie Hurley

Writer : Rachel Morris

Script Editor : Jamie Joseph

Cast : Jamie Joseph (Lead),
Carmel Rose (Lead),
Kristy Hamby,
Rob Williams