Neighbours launches interactive webisodes

06 February, 2014 by Press Release

To celebrate the return of fan favourite character Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor), Neighbours has created a series of webisodes for YouTube, "Brennan On The Run".

Mark Brennan originally left Neighbours in 2011 to go into witness protection, and the webisodes tell the story of his time on the run – with a twist. Each webisode ends with a choice, and viewers are able to choose the outcome of the story, taking control of Brennan as he faces challenges, dodges danger… and encounters a little bit of romance. A 'yes' or 'no' answer directs viewers to a different video – where, for example, Brennan can choose to intervene in a drug deal and risk blowing his cover – or take the safe option.


Viewers are also introduced to love interest Sienna Matthews (Sarah Roberts) – who was mentioned during Mark's brief return to the series in 2013.

In a departure for the series, the webisodes were shot on a Red Scarlet camera by the show's Digital producer Ric Forster, giving a different, edgier look and feel to the 6.30pm episodes.

The webisodes have a total running time of just under 20 minutes, and are available to view on the show's official website ( or YouTube channel (

Direct link to the webisodes: