December Media and natural history producer BioPixel are joining forces to develop and produce three 3D giant screen/IMAX films.

The first, Great Barrier Reef – 3D, is being financed and is due to start shooting in March. Produced by Stephen Amezdroz, December Media’s head of giant screen production, and directed by BioPixel co-founder Richard Fitzpatrick, the 45-minute film will show how the tiniest building blocks of life formed the world’s largest living structure.

December Media MD Heath Watt said, “We have been scoping the world for potential partnerships for new and exciting giant screen/IMAX projects for some time. With BioPixel’s amazing experience in and capability for shooting natural history it is a natural fit to our giant screen/IMAX slate strategy.”

BipPixel co-founder Bevan Slattery said, “Combining BioPixel’s technical expertise in shooting natural history with an experienced production partner like December Media will allow us to give our audience the definitive Great Barrier Reef experience.”

Launched in Australian cinemas in September 2013, December Media’s Hidden Universe 3D is one of the most successful Australian films of the past two years, grossing $768,000, and has been released in more than 30 IMAX theatres internationally.

Currently December Media is producing Life in Space 3D and Earth Story 3D with Swinburne Universities Department of Astrophysics and Supercomputing.

Life in Space 3D explores NASA's ground-breaking new brand of science, astrobiology, and takes audiences on a journey to a new era of space exploration to find signs of life somewhere else in the universe. The distributor and sales agent is MacGillivray Freeman Films.

Directed by Russell Scott, Earth Story 3D is a visual journey depicting the world during its birth, infancy and adolescence.

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