SBS Managing Director Michael Ebeid today welcomed the new Chair of SBS, Mr Nihal Gupta, and new Board member Mr Peeyush Gupta, following their appointments as announced by Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull.

The SBS Board of Directors sets the strategic direction of the organisation and is responsible for deciding the objectives and policies to be followed by SBS to ensure it performs in a proper, efficient and economical manner, and with the maximum benefit to the people of Australia.

“With a background as Australia’s multicultural broadcaster, SBS occupies a special place in the media landscape, and on behalf of the Board and SBS team, we look forward to our new Board members’ contributions towards steering SBS through a dynamic but also very challenging time for our organisation and the media sector more broadly,” Mr Ebeid said.

“The SBS Board plays an important role in ensuring that we are an efficient, responsive and innovative organisation which strategically addresses the challenges and opportunities of today’s media market by playing to our strengths with innovative content that reflects our unique Charter and engages a broader cross-section of our diverse Australian community.

“Our new Chair and Board member will provide valuable insights to the Board and Executive as we continue to deliver programs and services that explore and celebrate diversity and contribute to social cohesion against the backdrop of a growing and more complex multicultural Australia.”

Mr Nihal Gupta has been appointed by the Australian Government as Chairman of the SBS Board and Mr Peeyush Gupta has been appointed as non-executive Director of SBS, for a period of five years.

Mr Nihal Gupta replaces former SBS Chairman Mr Joe Skrzynski AO who stepped down when his term ended on 26 March 2014, and Mr Peeyush Gupta replaces Ms Elleni Bereded-Samuel, who also ended her five year term on 26 March 2014.

They join other SBS non-executive directors, Dr Bulent Hass Dellal OAM (Deputy Chair), Michael Ebeid (Managing Director), Patricia Azarias, Jacqueline Hey, Daryl Karp, Dorothy West and William Lenehan.

Mr Ebeid also thanked Dr Dellal for acting in the role of Chair over the past six months and for his invaluable support during a challenging period working with Government to secure future funding for SBS, and said he would continue to provide an invaluable contribution to the Board as its Deputy Chair.

Nihal Gupta

Mr Nihal Gupta is currently the Managing Director of Digital Electronics Corporation Australia and has a strong background in business and commercial sectors, particularly in relation to technology and consumer electronics. He has over three decades of experience in the consumer electronics business of Australia.

Mr Nihal Gupta has extensive experience in international business management throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Mr Nihal Gupta currently holds a number of board positions including Trustee of the Board of the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust, appointee of the Judicial Commission of NSW, chairman of the NSW Multicultural Business Advisory Panel, board member of Asia Society of Australia, board member of the Naisda Foundation Limited and board member of Parramasala. He is a former Chairman of Jcurve Solutions Limited.

Peeyush Gupta

Mr Peeyush Gupta has over two decades of experience in executive, financial and strategy roles, previously holding board positions in AMP Capital Investments, the Financial planning Standards Board, Investment Funds Association and strategic policy adviser for AXA. In 2005, he was awarded the inaugural Distinguished Alumni Award from the Australian Graduate School of Management and in 2003 the Distinguished Service Award from the Financial Planning Association.

Mr Peeyush Gupta is currently the Chairman and non-executive Director on a range of commercial, public sector and not-for-profit boards including the State Super Financial Services, Charter Hall Direct Property Management Ltd, , MLC Life, Safety Return to Work and Support Board, Ascham School Council, Australian School of Business at the University of NSW, Securities Industry Research Centre of Asia Pacific and the Bank of New Zealand Life Insurance. He was the co-founder and inaugural CEO of IPAC Securities, a wealth management firm providing financial advice and institutional portfolio management in Australia and internationally. He holds a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from the Australian Graduate School of Management, University of NSW, and qualifications from the Harvard and London Business Schools.

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