New funding initiative for five film projects

30 July, 2014 by Don Groves

Crowd-funding platform Pozible and producer/financier Thomas Mai are teaming up to help producers of five film projects each raise a minimum of $100,000.

Dubbed Mission: Pozible, the program will run for three months and will tap into Pozible’s global audience of up to 300,000 individuals.


Issuing an open call to the industry, Mai said, “If you want to work with me to raise a minimum of $100,000 on your film, regardless of genre, I have teamed up with the great crowd-funding platform Pozible. We are looking for 5 amazing film projects.”

Mai tells IF the initiative is primarily targeted at established filmmakers, unless a first-timer comes up with an exceptional idea.

In his own right Mai has helped the producers of 11 documentaries, including The Last Impresario, The Ride, Chasing Butterflies, Big Steve and Deep Blue Sea, raise more than $400,000 online.

The five projects selected will be helped in numerous ways including a dedicated newsletter sent to to the Pozible community of up to 300,000 individuals and a press release distributed to up to 5,000 media outlets.

The partners will work with producers on the idea and script for the pledge videos, provide access to Pozible’s "digital advertising guru" and a $500 credit towards the first media spend, and assist with translation to pitch projects to the Chinese market. Mai will work with producers before and during the fund raising.

Pozible will charge a 4% fee if the campaign raises more than $100,000. The fee will drop to 3% if the sum raised exceeds $500,000. There are also credit card transaction fees. If a project does not hit the minimum goal of $100,000 there is no fee.

The deadline for submissions is August 20. Founded in May 2010, Pozible claims a success rate of 56%, has hosted nearly 7,000 projects and helped distribute US$20 million to successful projects.