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Bunker Productions International is proud to announce that its short film Photocopier has just been selected to screen at the Melbourne International Film festival (MIFF).

Directed by Louise Alston, written by her husband Stephen Vagg and produced by Eva Di Blasio, Photocopier will screen at the Forum Theatre in the prime time slot of 6.30pm on Friday 2 August.

This latest announcement follows Alston’s directing success at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) with Sidekicks – a play which enjoyed stellar reviews in Melbourne and a five-star run at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Alston, who also directed award winning feature films ALL MY FRIENDS ARE LEAVING BRISBANE and JUCY, says she’s ‘not following all her friends to Melbourne’.

She admits however, that she’s been on a roll since moving to Victoria this year to work on Neighbours.

“Neighbours is a nice change from indie feature films; people here are working for love and money!”

Starring Gyton Grantley, ALL MY FRIENDS ARE LEAVING BRISBANE, had a string of international festival successes and was nominated for an AFI Award in 2008.

JUCY had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2010, before being released in the USA.

“A hit on Netflix, JUCY was also stocked in Blockbusters and Wallmarts across the country.”

“My American friends started sending me photos of it on their phones, and it made me want to direct something again, ASAP!”

“I’ve wanted to bring Stephen’s script to life for ages and making a short film is a great way to get into production,” said Alston.

According to Alston, Photocopier was a chance to work with some great rising talent, specifically Tom Stokes, who is in the upcoming RAILWAY MAN (starring Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman) and Emily Rose Brennan (Underbelly Razor) who also appeared in Alston’s Sidekicks.

“I really enjoy working with actors. Tom and Emily are so talented, I’m so glad to have the chance to direct them.”

“Plus short filmmaking is more liberating; it doesn’t come with the angst of feature film development.

“That said, I hope to make a Victorian feature in the not too distant future,” Alston said.

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