Press release from The Australian Cinematographers Society

At the recent National Executive meeting of the Australian Cinematographers Society, the following were elected as Office Bearers for 2010-2011.

National President: Ron Johanson ACS (QLD)
Vice President: Ernie Clark ACS (SA)
Vice President: Alan Cole ACS (VIC)
Secretary: David Wakeley ACS (NSW)
Asst. Secretary: Robb Shaw Velzen (ACT)
Treasurer: Mylene Ludgate (SA)
Asst. Treasurer: Ernie Clark ACS(SA)

The meeting also resolved that after 12 months research and discussion, with both ACS members and industry experts in the field, a new awards category, VIRTUAL CINEMATOGRAPHY be introduced, allowing computer generated imagery (CGI) for productions created or enhanced with the use of a virtual cine camera with virtual lighting. The work entered must be that of an ACS Full or Associate members. The judging panel would be made up of VFX industry experts and Accredited ACS members for a trial period commencing at the 2011 State & Territory Awards.

The Australian Cinematographers Society has announced the names of the 4 cinematographers that were recently Accredited at screenings held on September 11 & 12, 2010.

Those Accredited were:
Gamal El Boushi (QLD)
Damian Wyvill (NSW)
Nick Matthews (SA)
Matthew Horrex (NSW)

These 4 members join 328 other Accredited cinematographers since the inception of Accreditation by the ACS in 1963. They will have their certificates and Accreditation pins presented at their local State & Territory awards in November/ December.

Accreditation by the Society is deemed as the highest honour and the Accredited cinematographer shall have the right to use the letters ACS after his or her name.

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