Revelation Perth International Film Festival will present a celebration of Australian film – past, present and future – through a year-round, ongoing series of screenings commencing in November.

Revelation’s Australian Revelations series will present monthly screenings that celebrate Australia’s rich and diverse film culture.

Festival Director Richard Sowada said Australian Revelations would bring the focus back on to the basics. "Australia has always has always had a rich and surprising film industry – and does today – but sometimes it’s not always on the surface.

"Revelation will look into both the past and the future of Australian film and provide some new perspectives on filmmaking in this country," Richard said

"And everything’s on the table, from landmark Australian classics to forgotten titles and movements."

Each feature screening will be accompanied by a Western Australian made short film, providing opportunities for local filmmakers to have their work seen by new audiences. "In that regard, Australian Revelations will show Perth audiences where Australian film has been, where it is and hopefully, where it’s going," Richard said. "Most importantly, Australian Revelations will celebrate Australian film in its many forms."

"Over and above that, it’s a new step for the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, taking the annual, ten-day festival in July and adding to that a year-round series of events for film lovers, filmmakers and film students."

Australian Revelations will screen at the new The Backlot Perth facility in West Perth.

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