Funded in the New Age Through Supporters on KickStarter, This Dark Comedy Gives Depression a Serious Dose of Nature’s Best Medicine: Laughter.

WHAT: Meet Jef (Henry Nixon), on the surface he’s a regular guy with a good job, great girlfriend and good looks to boot. The problem with Jef is that he just doesn’t feel right – about life, his job, or anything. He’s not sure what to do about it so he relies on the not-always-great advice he gets from best friend Tom (Randy Jay Burrell) and girlfriend Shelly (Claire van der Boom). Together, they attempt to fix Jef’s issues and find themselves failing miserably in the process.

Created, produced, and directed by Luke Eve (“Cockroach,” “Australian Summer”) and written by Adam Grossetti (“Home and Away,” “Sea Patrol”), this dark comedy explores the topic of depression in a highly visual, evocative and humorous way. By agreeing to take a trendier route in the creation of this series, they made “Low Life” entirely outside of the studio system. It’s been funded through a grass roots crowd-funding campaign and will be shared with YouTubers in the true spirit of giving.

The anti- establishment aesthetic makes its debut exclusively on YouTube April 30. Featuring the great talents of Henry Nixon ("The Pacific," ”Noise") and Claire Van Der Boom (“Hawaii Five O),” “The Square”), the series also introduces an incredible soundtrack by Ween, Lenka, Mental As Anything, and a host of other international artists.

WHEN: All six, six-minute episodes of "Low Life" season one will be available on YouTube April 30, 2014.

WHERE: On YouTube:

WHO: More Sauce is a media production company with roots in Australia and Los Angeles, California. The Company specializes in music videos, short films, as well as film and television content. For more information please visit

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