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NIDA Open Program part-time students Adele Vukomanovich [The Screen Actor], Alexandra Campion [The Actor] and Daniel Ewing [The Actor] have their sights set on bright futures. These students have been working hard throughout the year, developing their skills in acting for theatre, film and television. Daniel Ewing has already successfully scored a major role in the new Disney Power Rangers series being shot in New Zealand.

Adele says about the course:
One of the many things I have gained from this course is real growth as an acting student. Each week I have learnt something new – whether it was during one of my own scenes or watching my classmate’s work. Being able to view your own work is a great advantage as it enabled me to really observe my strengths and weaknesses. The course has given me confidence in my ability as an actor as well as motivation and persistence to achieve the many goals I have set for myself. My classmates and I look forward to every Saturday.

About acting:
I’ve loved acting since I was a wee little girl! I’ve always involved myself in the arts, performance, public speaking, theatre and writing. About ten years ago, when I was a year 7 school girl, my classmates and had to perform Shakespeare scenes in front of parents and family for an English assignment. My friend and I did a scene from ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’. I played Thisbee (which was basically me playing a man playing a woman) and during the tragic death scene (where I stab myself about 8 times in despair) I could hear my auntie in hysterics. Although I thought it was the most heart wrenching stuff, my auntie thought it was hilarious. To this day she considers that my greatest performance.

But my interest in becoming a full time actor came about two years ago, I was working full time in the city (in a job I really did not like) as well as taking part time acting courses all around Sydney. One day I realized that you only live once so it is pointless to waste your life doing something mediocre because it’s safe, as opposed to throwing yourself into something you love.

Having already scored a dream role Daniel Ewing will be leaving for New Zealand to play one of the main roles in the American Disney TV series Power Rangers. He says about the course:

I had done a fair amount of TV work and I wanted to combine my experience with the training to get myself to the next professional level. I had a friend I worked with on Home and Away that did the course, he said it was a great program and really helped gave him those extra tools he needed.

I did work on Home and Away last year playing "Reuben" for 2 months but my new role is in American Disney television series Power Rangers to be shot in N.Z. I’m playing bad boy “Dillon" I suppose he is like Wolverine in X-men combined with Riddick from Pitch Black. I got the role through my agent and weeks of auditioning (I think it was 4 call backs all up).

Auditions and Interviews for NIDA Open Program 2009 part-time courses are being held at NIDA in Kensington. Courses include Event Management, Singer Dancer Actor, The Actor, The Screen Actor, The Presenter, The Director, The Designer, The Technical Operator and also Youth Studios such as Young Actors Studio, Young Film Makers Studio, Young Presenters Studio and Young Theatre Makers Studio.

Applications are due by Wednesday, 12 November 2008. Application forms and full course details are available on the NIDA website at www.nida.edu.au.

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