Nora Niasari seeks financial support for Talca Interrupted

18 August, 2011 by IF

Press release Mandi Bialek-Wester

Australian/Chilean film production seeking support to continue shoot in Chile.


Melbourne documentary filmmaker and architecture graduate Nora Niasari is using the online fundraising website IndieGoGo to ensure shooting continues on her independent film “Talca Interrupted” in Chile.

“Talca Interrupted” will be a one-hour documentary about three residents searching for the meaning of 'home' in the aftermath of the devastating 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Chile on 27 February 2010.

In Talca 6,500 thousand homes were damaged or destroyed yet only 12 have been rebuilt through the government subsidy program. Despite government promises of action many thousands of survivors are still living yet another freezing winter in the emergency-issued temporary timber shelters without adequate insulation or heating.

Until now survivors stories have not been covered significantly in local Chilean nor international media outlets. Through this documentary, Niasari hopes to give the residents an international voice to their situation.

“This is a Chilean story but also a human story that urgently needs to be told. I hope to raise the necessary funds on IndieGoGo to continue shooting my film in Talca”, says Niasari.

This is only the second Australian documentary to be made in Chile. In 1985 renowned documentary filmmaker, David Bradbury shot his Academy Award nominated film “Chile: Hasta Cuando”, about the years Chile endured under the military dictatorship of Pinochet.

Niasari’s previous films have screened at Cannes Film Corner and the Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival. She has been invited to attend this years Beirut International Film Festival in October with her most recently completed documentary, Under the Bridge.

To see the trailer for “Talca Interrupted” or to donate to the film’s production, please go to the IndieGoGo page: