NSW claims top spot in production survey

05 November, 2009 by IF

Press release from NSW Government

NSW Premier and Minister for the Arts Nathan Rees today welcomed news that our $434 million screen industry had helped NSW retain its position as the most film friendly destination in Australia.


Mr Rees said results of Screen Australia’s 2008/09 Drama Production Survey released today revealed that NSW was leading Australia’s film and television production.

“The NSW Government has taken action to boost the screen industry across the State and we are now seeing the results,” Mr Rees said. “This is a direct result of the Government’s commitment to making the NSW screen industry the best and biggest in the country.

“The value of production in NSW in 2008/2009 was $434 million – or 63% of the national total. “This is the largest investment in film and television production in NSW since 2003/04 and confirms that our State is the hub of production in Australia.” Results of the 2008/09 Drama Production Survey also showed:

–  The value of Australian feature films produced in NSW totalled $287 million, with $123 million spent on local television drama and a further $13 million on television co-productions;

–  Foreign production totalled $1.1 million and offshore post-production digital and visual effects drama activity totalled $9 million;

–  Feature film and TV drama production generated by NSW-based companies rose to a total of $497 million this year (based on total budgets).

Mr Rees said the Government had secured Happy Feet 2 and Guardians of Ga’Hoole which were both major contributors to this result, along with a significant rise local TV drama activity.

“This comes on top of the recent announcement that the NSW Government has helped secure the production of Fury Road, the latest feature film in the Mad Max franchise,” Mr Rees said.

“Fury Road will be one of the largest and most ambitious live action films ever made in Australia. “Some of Australia’s biggest names have chosen to bring big budget films to NSW, including George Miller, Hugh Jackman, Baz Luhrmann, Peter Weir and Bruce Beresford.

“These are filmmakers who all began their careers in NSW and, having made their reputation in the international arena, can confidently bring business to NSW knowing that we have the resources needed for big budget productions."