Press release from Gray Management Group

South Australian post production house Oasis Post, part of the Kojo Group, has just delivered Scott Hicks’ new feature film The Boys are Back to US studio Miramax.

This is following an intense 12 month project involving editorial management, 4k DI, including colour grade and visual effects, as well as the film and video delivery contracts.

The film was screened across the US last week after overwhelming success at The Toronto Film Festival. It was there the film received a five minute standing ovation from film critics and reviewers.

Oasis Post completed a major hardware and software upgrade to its Lustre grading theatre to take on the 4k project. In addition to the colour grade, Oasis Post also completed over 60 VFX shots that were inserted back into the film throughout the colour grading process.

Head of DI and colourist for Oasis Post Marty Pepper explained, “This was our first 4k film so we really threw ourselves into it at every level. Whilst Rushes were coming in, we were working with Scott Hicks and Editor Scott Gray on various looks and VFX shots.

Greig Fraser is one of the best director of photography we have worked with as his images were such a joy to grade. South Australia has never looked so good.”

The Boys are Back is just another commendable film that Oasis Post has collaborated with Scott Hicks on. Head of Post Production Kate Butler says, “We have been fortunate enough to work with Scott for the past 11 years, right back to Snow Falling on Cedars and Hearts in Atlantis through to No Reservations and now The Boys are Back.

Working at this level means we have now delivered films to all the major Hollywood studios and that has been a fantastic experience for Oasis Post.”

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