Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise, shot with Sony’s F65 4K cameras

06 May, 2013 by IF

Press release 

Oblivion, one of the first major motion pictures shot with Sony’s F65 camera has been released worldwide to critical acclaim and taken over $13.47 million at the Australian box office to date. DOP on Oblivion, the Life of Pi academy award-winning Claudio Miranda ASC recently told a packed Sony press conference at NAB that the movie was captured in Sony’s 4K RAW format with a good deal of the movie’s VFX work also in 4K, leading to the very sharp final 2K image seen in the cinema release.


Miranda went on to say that after exhaustive testing, both he and director Joseph “Joe” Kosinski chose the F65 when production commenced back in March 2012, as they liked the way the camera looked and that it suited the feel they were going for in the movie. By pushing the camera’s boundaries and limits Miranda felt he captured cleaner, more resolute images and made the most of its very wide colour gamut.

The DOP was also impressed with the F65’s workflow stating that with the right preparation for the amount of data shot, the production team easily managed the data pipeline and as a result, they were able to take full advantage of the camera’s much-heralded dynamic range and how well it holds in the highlights.

Miranda concluded by saying that he thought Oblivion would give people serious food for thought about Sony’s flagship F65 4K camera in part due to its amazing performance in low light and also because some of the movie’s key scenes, including the sky tower sequences, were all achieved in-camera, with extensive use of on-set front projection. He also made particular reference to shooting in Iceland, a country of amazing natural beauty and how the team best used the F65 to reproduce textures in capturing its stunning landscapes in full 4K resolution.

To see the full interview with Claudio Miranda ASC where he talks about shooting Oblivion with Sony F65 4K cameras go to: http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/video/related-recently_added/video-claudio_miranda/

To watch the Oblivion discussion panel, with Claudio Miranda, ASC, DIT Alex Carr, and Technicolor’s David Waters at this year’s NAB which was hosted by Jon Fauer, ASC go to: http://vimeo.com/65295112