Oktobor promotes industry partnerships

12 May, 2010 by IF

Press release from Well Above

According to Oktobor Senior VFX Producer Steen Bech, the secret to a successful project is a good partnership with the client. “Take our relationship with JWT in Auckland.” He explained. “We work far more like a partnership than the traditional client agency type of relationship. This means we really get to know each other and that means better, quicker, more efficient results.”


Bech works closely with Megan Robertson who works with JWT Auckland and who agrees wholeheartedly with Bech. “There’s no typical project in this industry. One day we’re working on large scale TVCs and the next it’s a basic run of DVD promos. This is where our close relationship with Oktobor really pays dividends. They understand what we need, our sense of urgency and most importantly how high the quality and production values need to be. I can honestly say we work as a team and a good team at that.”

Oktobor have recently worked on campaigns for JWT including Ford Fast Start which Robertson says was a real challenge. “Originally we looked to Oktobor to help with 2D, 3D, digital, micro-sites, scripts and character development and we ended up using most their in house facilities and departments.”

For Ford Fast Start Bech tasked Oktobor’s Digital Design Director Matt von Trott with the concepting, storyboarding, 3rd party illustrations, character development and animatics that made up a significant part of 4 TVCs aired nationally.

Bech added, “We really worked very closely indeed with Megan. There was an in-house car shoot, production logistics to be dealt with and up to 3 WIPs a day to make sure all went according to plan.”

Robertson added, “This is the kind of efficient partnership that makes projects run smoothly. The team at Oktobor always provide a very high level of creative, really good product development, good understanding and communication and always deliver far more than we expect. This strong relationship is incredibly valuable and their in-house technical expertise is second to none. Oktobor are like an extension to me in my role, always helping create what we need and coming up with alternatives for what we can’t.”

As with most of the projects a top agency like JWT Auckland get involved with, Ford Fast start was a great success. Megan Robertson concluded, “I am very happy with the Ford commercials, they were an incredible amount of work and the results speak for themselves. Just as importantly a major part of their success and the success of so many other great projects I’ve worked on, is down to this great creative partnership with Steen Bech and the team at Oktobor. They really are great problem solvers who always perform above and beyond ordinary expectations.”