Orchids: My Intersex Adventure filmmaker calls for support

17 June, 2011 by IF

Press release from hartflicker

Please help get the message out and give generously to our appeal (CLICK HERE!).


Orchids: My Intersex Adventure, which was voted in the most popular film at the Brisbane International Film Festival, examines with warmth, humour and honesty the shame and secrecy surrounding intersex (also known as a 'hermaphrodite' or a Difference of Sexual Development (DSD)).

"Orchids is arguably a 'world first' …. Early on, I made a conscious decision the film should be largely autobiographical. This was important for me on a number of levels and represented a huge step in terms of self-confidence and courage…. Orchids has allowed me to reflect on my coming-of-age experience and examine why 'coming out' continues to be extremely challenging."

That's the wonderful Phoebe Hart – the director, producer and star of this outstanding Australian feature documentary.

Phoebe has Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS), a congenital intersex condition that can either occur spontaneously at conception or be passed down the generations. People with AIS have a typical genetic male pattern but develop atypical reproductive organs as a result of their bodies being insensitive to male hormones.

As you may know, the film has shown at various film festivals around Australia with great success. Sadly, around the world there is a dearth of media that deals personally and sensitively with the complex issues of intersex, which is why Orchids is such a gem!

We want to send Phoebe to travel to world class festivals and conferences in the USA in July of 2011 and represent the film in person!

At present, there are no federal or state government travel grants available. 🙁

IF WE CAN ALL HELP OUT, Phoebe will be able travel to screen Orchids at Outfest in Los Angeles, which is one of the world's biggest and longest running LGBT film festivals. Outfest nurtures and preserves lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (and intersex!) film images and artistry. Phoebe will also present Orchids at Newfest: The New York LGBT Film Festival.

Donations can be made via the Australia Arts Business Foundation (AbaF) website. This means your donation will be totally tax deductable! Donations are paid in full to the artist as a grant. A total of more than $5 million has been donated to the arts through AbaF. International donors may approach hartflicker directly for direct deposit details.

Our initial goal is a mere $3,000 (AUD) by 30 June 2011. So dig deep and help spread the word…. 🙂

Preorder the Orchids DVD now!
Orchids: My Intersex Adventure will be available as of September 7, 2011 as a DVD. You may pre-order your copy now. To receive an order form please reply email to this newsletter to request.

Upcoming Screenings
OK, break our your diaries for screenings of Orchids at home and around the world!
• Frameline35, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival (June 16-26, 2011) on Saturday June 25 1:30pm at The Roxie, San Francisco – USA
• Tropical Alternatives Queer Film Festival (over May & June, 2011) 1:30pm Saturday 25 June 2011 at Shop 25 Bell Street TOOWOOMBA – AUSTRALIA
• Outfest (July 7-17, 2011) 5pm Tuesday 12 July 2011 at the Sunset Theatre, Los Angeles – USA
• Newfest (July 21-28, 2011) time and date TBA, New York City – USA
• Vancouver Queer Film Festival (11-21 August, 2011) time and date TBA, Vancouver – CANADA
• Raindance Film Festival (28 September-9 October, 2011) time and date TBA, London – UK
Watch this space – more to come!

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