Oscar winner visits Sydney Film School

11 April, 2011 by IF

Press release from Sydney Film School

At the end of February this year Emile Sherman was standing on the stage of the Kodak Theatre in LA receiving the Best Picture Award at the 83rd Academy Awards. For the founder of See-Saw Films and one of Australia’s leading producers, whose credits include The King’s Speech, Candy, Disgrace and 9,99, 2011 has already proven to be the best year of his life as far as his industry success is concerned.


What he might not have expected however is the fact that he has also become a role model for a great number of young local and international filmmakers some of them students at the Sydney Film School where Emile Sherman has been a Board Member since its inception in 2004.

When Sherman paid a visit to Sydney Film School to celebrate with the Board of Directors the glow on the students’ faces and admiration for a new Australian star was hard to miss. They were thrilled to have him visiting their class and be able to confirm to themselves that this is really a man of flesh and blood.

Years before Emile Sherman would collect his Oscar, he helped to establish a radically different kind of film school in Australia where one hundred students, both from Australia and abroad (20 different countries are represented in 2011), study together to explore and develop their passion for film and prepare themselves for what awaits afterwards.

“It is such a pleasure to see these young filmmakers from all over the world working together and doing great stuff,” said Emile. “I look forward to the day when they are the ones picking up the gold statues”.