Pawno writer and director team for Lars and the Real Girl-esque feature Allergy

05 May, 2016 by Harry Windsor

Damian Hill and Paul Ireland.


Australian indie feature Pawno has been in Australian cinemas for over two weeks, screening on over 20 screens. 

Pawno is the first feature to be distributed by the new production and distribution company Mind Blowing World, which was formed by Mitu Bhowmick Lange and John Molloy, and is the sister company of Mind Blowing Films.

"They bring a lot of Indian films into Australia and distribute them across the country, but this is the first English-speaking Australian film they've done", Pawno director Paul Ireland told IF.

"They've really embraced it, and they're passionate about it."

With a theatrically released feature under their belt, Ireland and the film's screenwriter-star Damian Hill are pitching their next feature to Screen Australia.

Another romance, the new film is called Allergy, and is set on a fictional Australian island.

"This outsider comes to this parochial little island that runs at its own pace, and everyone's a bit island-like, a bit kooky", said Ireland. 

"The island's called Arcadia. And then this woman comes from France, or if we get Chinese money she could be Chinese (laughs), and she comes and opens up this florist shop and falls in love with our antihero, and then they realise they're allergic to each other." 

"And then the community get behind them and build them a house, but they can never touch."

Ireland namechecks the likes of Lars and the Real Girl as inspiration, particularly that film's idea of a community united by a sense of common kindness.

This time the producing partners are after stars – "we want to sell some tickets to this one", Hill told IF – and have been talking to Hugo Weaving, among others.

"The next one we'd like to pay ourselves, you know?"