Playstation launches online film library

04 November, 2010 by Amanda Diaz

A new platform for the distribution of independent films went live today in Australia.

MUBI is an online service exclusive to Playstation 3 that offers users access to hundreds of films from around the world.


The launch was held in Sydney yesterday and attended by acclaimed actress Miranda Otto and this year’s Tropfest winner Abe Forsythe.

The two took part in a Q&A panel alongside MUBI founder Efe Cakarel.

“It’s a unique offering,” Cakarel said at the launch.

“A place where you can watch, discover and share the best independent films and classics.

"It is about making great films fun and accessible…"

The MUBI library currently houses more than 500 films including Pan’s Labyrinth and La Dolce Vita.

A number of works have been provided by Martin Scorcese’s World Cinema Foundation.

According to Cakarel, approximately 15 per cent of these films are Australian – with titles including The Adventures of Barry McKenzie and Mad Dog Morgan.

“Australian films just aren’t around long enough for people to discover,” Forsythe said.

“This will give filmmakers the chance to share their work with other people.”

In a world first, it was also announced at the launch that MUBI had signed a deal with Aussie distributor Hopscotch Films; the moment a Hopscotch film is available on DVD, it will also be accessible on MUBI.

Users can purchase unlimited 30 day subscriptions for $19.95 or purchase individual movies for $6.25 – with a seven day rental period. Short films are priced at $1.75.

In a move that taps into the popularity of social media, viewers can also share and discuss movies with each other.

It is possible to “follow” other peoples’ profiles in order to see the kinds of films they like.

The movies you watch will also show up on your Facebook news feed.

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia managing director Michael Ephraim has called it a fantastic addition to the PlayStation 3 experience.

“MUBI is the most significant platform for the distribution of independent films,” he said yesterday.

Aspiring filmmakers are also able to upload their own works to a program called ‘Garage.’