Post-production work on Mrs Carey’s Concert completed by FSM

12 May, 2011 by IF

Press release from FSM

A long and fruitful relationship with renowned Australian documentary maker Bob Connolly has led to FSM completing the post-production on his latest film and current box office hit, Mrs Carey’s Concert.


FSM’s post-production work included bringing together footage shot on 35mm, HD and SD in FSM’s Baselight-DI suite and completing the online effects to optimise the quality of the finished film.

Oscar nominated and AFI winning Bob Connolly is best known for his hit documentaries including Rats in the Ranks, an exposé of the race for mayor at Leichhardt Council, and Facing the Music, an eye opening look inside the halls of Sydney University’s music department.

Mrs Carey’s Concert is Connelly’s sixth major film release. The film focuses on Karen Carey, the music director at a Sydney girls’ school, as she prepares her young students for a concert at Sydney Opera House, setting a daunting standard despite many obstacles.

Of working with FSM on Mrs Carey’s Concert, director and co-producer Bob Connolly said, “I came to value FSM’s terrific post production (not to mention their salt and sugar pressed salmon with dill sauce) when we were finishing Facing the Music back in 2000.”

“There was no question who’d be doing the work on Mrs Carey’s Concert, my next film after Facing the Music, and we’ve been delighted with the grade and finish. They’re a class mob.”

Mrs Carey’s Concert is currently showing in cinemas nationally, taking $200,000 at the Box Office in three weeks.

Of working with Bob Connolly and the film’s other producer, Helen Panckhurst, FSM managing director Rick Schweikert said, “We’re thrilled to enjoy the ongoing and mutually appreciative relationship we have with Bob and Helen, two of this country’s most talented directors and producers.”

“We have worked with Bob and Helen individually on their award-winning films and television series respectively, so it was a fantastic opportunity to work with them together for the first time on a film that is receiving wide acclaim.”

Released on April 28 2011, Mrs Carey’s Concert will be showing in cinemas until end-June.