PRA brings FilmLab project to market

21 June, 2010 by IF

Press release from Miranda Brown Publicity

The South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) and The People’s Republic of Animation (PRA) are pleased to announce that PRA will be graduating its project BEAR HUG STORM PUNCH from the SAFC’s FilmLab program, and seeking to finance it as a commercial feature film.


‘The success of FilmLab has been such that the film we developed through the process has begun to attract serious marketplace attention,’ said PRA producer Hugh Nguyen.

‘This was always going to be an ambitious project and one that would stretch the budget confines of the Lab. With the level of support we have received we feel confident we can secure the additional finance required to raise the budget to a level that will give the project its best shot at success.’

FilmLab is a $4.2million development initiative of the SAFC, funded by the South Australian Government, which provides professional and career development opportunities for South Australian filmmakers to progress from short to long form projects through an intensive and bespoke development program. The program culminates in the production of eight low budget films with the SAFC providing $350,000 in production funding for each.

The People’s Republic of Animation is a multi-award winning animation studio that was one of the four successful teams selected out of more than 40 applications in FilmLab’s inaugural round. As a successful team they participated in a three week intensive workshop program, where director Eddie White conceived BEAR HUG STORM PUNCH, an ambitious feature film combining live action and animation. Since the workshop they have received $20K development funding and ongoing access to the FilmLab’s story consultant, Stephen Cleary.

PRA Producer, Hugh Nguyen said, ‘For director Eddie White and myself, FilmLab has been an excellent education in developing long format projects. Although we have had a long working relationship that has produced a number of successful short-form projects, it was not until our FilmLab experience that we began to truly work well together.’

SAFC CEO Richard Harris said, ‘In essence the PRA have made a tough decision to do what needs to be done for this particular project. We are very supportive of what we know was a difficult decision, but they are a talented team and we have great confidence that they will develop a wonderful film. We look forward to partnering with them on it.

A major operating principle of the FilmLab process has been flexibility, and we recognised the possibility that some filmmakers may decide to move beyond the Lab as has happened here. We’re just pleased it’s with such a strong project (and team) with a clear momentum behind it.’

PRA’s departure creates the opportunity for another team to join the FilmLab program. Other teams in FilmLab are Shut Up Little Man! by Matthew Bate and Sophie Hyde, Lott (working title) by Ashlee Page and Sonya Humphrey; and 52 Tuesdays by Sophie Hyde, Matthew Cormack and Bryan Mason.

The second FilmLab round is now open with applications closing 6 September 2010. Full details can be found at