Pro Juice TV series to air on ABC iView

21 March, 2011 by IF

Press release from Pro Juice

Pro Juice Series 1 is set to air on ABC iView on 29th March 2011.


Pro Juice is a 6x26min TV series about music, video, digital art and new media for ‘guerrilla producers’ and those who dabble. Pro Juice is fast paced, shoot from the hip, music video style programming.

Professionally produced, but alternatively ‘pro-juiced’, original stories cut hard to provide informative and entertaining viewing.

With a high use of bold design and new music, Pro Juice visually and sonically represents the medium it is dissecting.

After first launching online ( in early 2009, Pro Juice has fast become one of the go to places online for video and audio tutorials, interviews, showcase works and free design & audio packs.

Its creators, Nick Calpakdjian and Arlo Enemark, are active members of Australia's independent media scene. Arlo produces music and DJ's across Australia and internationally under the guise of 'Smile on Impact'. Nick works across Melbourne, Sydney and is currently based in East Timor editing, directing and writing documentary series, features and music videos.