Queenstown widens their scope with ARRI ALEXA and ALEXA PLUS Cameras

07 July, 2011 by IF

Press release from ARRI AUS

The philosophy at the Queenstown Camera Company is to provide the most up to date equipment available for hire and for this reason, the innovative team of Brett Mills, Ian Turtill and Paul Turtill recently purchased their fourth ARRI ALEXA camera to add to their existing ARRI film cameras.


Brett Mills explained, “We established the Queenstown Camera Company in 2003 and have provided motion picture cameras and camera accessories for numerous film productions in the South Island of New Zealand since then. We have an on-going purchasing program to ensure the camera systems and lens list is always state of the art and as a result, this year we acquired four ARRI ALEXAS; three ALEXAs and one ALEXA Plus. These are more than just digital cameras, they are ARRI-designed and built camera systems that accommodate a wide range of upgrades, extensions and accessories and have the build quality upon which we can rely in the varied conditions we find in Queenstown. In our view they are the best digital cameras available on the market.”

Today the Queenstown Camera Company carries a comprehensive list of ARRI cameras, accessories and lenses to meet the needs of the commercials and feature industry in both the film and digital domains.

Ian Turtill said, “We previously purchased our ARRI cameras and accessories through dealers however since dealing directly with ARRI Australia and Stefan Sedlmeier we haven’t looked back. There are many big plus points in dealing with Stefan and his team, most notably their amazing service, support and technical knowledge all of which help us keep our camera systems up to date and in the best possible condition. Stefan recently came over to give us some hands-on ALEXA training which proved invaluable.”

Uniquely the Queenstown Camera Company also use their ALEXAS on internationally recognised helicopter mounts such as the Stab C, Libra and Continental Side mount for aerial shoots working with local Queenstown helicopter companies to achieve the best possible results.

Turtill added, “One of our aims was to provide a camera rental house which catered to every need. As nearly 90 percent of the commercials made in Queenstown are dominated by overseas productions many of whom are looking for aerial shots, with local providers we can cover these requirements too. Thus, in addition to all the great projects our ALEXA cameras are used for on the ground, you’ll also often see them rigged onto a Squirrel helicopter’s nose or side mounts flying around Queenstown and the Fiordland mountains.”

ARRI Australia GM Stefan Sedlmeier said, “The Queenstown Camera Company consists of a talented team who started with a solitary ARRIFLEX 435 Advanced camera and who now carry a wide range of ARRI cameras and lenses with a reputation for excellence alongside them. I’m delighted their business is going from strength to strength.”