Quickflix, FetchTV expand online movie businesses

02 April, 2012 by Brendan Swift

Online movie company Quickflix has launched its on-demand streaming service in New Zealand.

The Quickflix launch mirrors the Australian subscription offer which is available over internet-connected PCs and Apple Mac, Sony Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players and PlayStation 3 game consoles.


The online streaming service will soon also be available through Samsung smart TVs, Galaxy Tablets and smartphones in both countries.

The expansion continues a period of intense competition between several companies which are vying to gain a dominant position in the online movie market. The Australian market is still in its nascent stages although the rollout of the National Broadband Network is expected to prompt another growth surge.

Rival Australian company FetchTV this week announced that it had expanded its movie lineup, which now stands at more than 1000 titles, including more than 250 new releases. FetchTV is delivered via broadband providers including iiNet, Optus, Internode, Adam Internet, Netspace and Westnet.

FetchTV is backed by the Malaysian-based Astro All Asia Networks subscription TV group.

Apple’s iTunes and Telstra’s T-Box remain dominant players in the Australian market.