Samsung users will soon be able to access film and television content on their Smartphones and Galaxy tablets thanks to a deal with online movie rental company Quickflix.

In addition to Galaxy tablets and Smartphones, Samsung consumers with an Internet connected Smart TV or blu-ray player will also be able to access Quickflix streaming and watch unlimited movies instantly for a monthly subscription fee.

This deal marks the first time that Quickflix content will be available on the Google Android operating system.

This comes on the back of last year’s deals with Sony, which saw Quicklflix streaming content become available on both Sony’s next generation Internet connected consumer devices and Sony’s Playstation 3 game console.

Quickflix movie streaming will launch on Samsung devices later in 2012 and features unlimited viewing from an expanding library of Hollywood studios including Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, and NBCUniversal. Content from HBO will also be available in 2012.

The Quickflix service will also provide premium pay per view titles for latest release movies and TV shows.

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