Press release from Quinto

Australian systems integrator, Quinto Communications has recently supplied Australia’s SBS Television with an Evertz MVP3000 Multiview display processor system for transmission monitoring at its Sydney Broadcast Centre.

SBS had a requirement to monitor its multiple television and radio channel broadcasts across several regions and timezones throughout Australia, using both terrestrial and satellite distribution platforms. As such, a large number of services needed to be decoded, displayed and monitored, on two large high resolution display screens.

An additional critical requirement imposed by SBS was to display not only multiple uncompressed standard definition and high definition serial digital video signals, but also H.264 compressed video services, and AAC compressed audio radio services carried, within compressed multiprogam transport streams. All monitoring had to carried out within a single system.

The solution proposed by Quinto Communications consisted of an Evertz MVP multiview system capable of displaying both compressed and uncompressed video and audio signals. In addition, the MVP providing SBS with additional features such as subtitle decoding as well signal integrity checking, display and monitoring.

Evertz’s new MVP-DEC32 cards, each of which is capable of decoding and displaying up to 32 compressed video services, were deployed as part of the system to handle decoding and display of the compressed services.

The system was supplied and commissioned by Quinto Communications who are the official Evertz distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

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