Radiate launches new HD Studio

18 May, 2011 by IF

Press Release from Well Above

Radiate Sound today announced that they have set up and launched a brand new full HD audio post production studio located within the Oktobor building in Freemans Bay, Auckland.


Radiate Sound Founder and Owner David Liversidge said, “Radiate Sound has been set up to offer the latest in full HD audio for sound and pictures plus compositions. We have purposely designed the studio and created an ambience, to be a fun and friendly place in which people will want to hang out and make Commenting on the decision to house Radiate Sound in Oktobor’s Sale Street building Liversidge added, “The move to Oktobor was inspired by the fact that I knew I could offer a more complete package to clients by utilising Oktobor’s infrastructure as this enables us to spend more time exploring the creative ideas before delivery of the final product. Being located in the Oktobor building also brings with it the opportunity to collaborate, learn and get new ideas from others.

I want to expand people’s horizons with what is possible in audio. Put simply I can simply offer clients more for their money and it’s very much a win-win Oktobor Group Managing Director Bruce Everett said, “I’d like to congratulate Radiate Sound on setting up their unique take on commercials sound production at Oktobor. There is a growing interest from a number of companies of a similar size who are thinking about joining our growing community and Radiate are a great example of how Oktobor can support small media production boutiques by sharing our resources and great location in Freeman’s Bay.”

David Liversidge concluded, “Radiate Sound offers a full range of HD audio services from composition, sound design to post production for all media and we also provide a great visual experience, because I know there is nothing worse for clients then trying to get final sign-off for an ad on crappy TV monitors. We’re delighted with the new HD studio and are very much looking forward to working on cutting edge audio projects.”

About Radiate Sound

Radiate Sound offers a full range of HD audio services from composition, sound design to post production for all media. Based in Auckland and founded by David Liversidge the company is committed to providing excellence through innovative audio services. David Liversidge has been a post production sound engineer for twelve years, most recently as a Senior Sound engineer at Liquid Studios (production facility of NZ 2009) for five years. Prior to Liquid, David worked for two years at Auckland Audio, where he managed their Sale Street facility. Before his relocation to New Zealand, David was based for four years in London at Wise Buddah Studios. Here he produced hundreds of Sony Award-winning BBC Radio programmes for the likes of Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez and Boy George. David also produced ads, worked on the Brit awards, mixed and mastered top twenty selling albums as well as live recordings alongside sound designing for radio stations and other blue chip clients.