Rebecca Heap to oversee all programming after ABC TV leadership restructure

24 March, 2016 by Staff Writer

ABC TV has radically restructured its leadership in response to changing consumer behaviour and the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

All programming (ABC iview, children’s digital and all broadcast TV channels) will move under the responsibility of a new role, the head of audience and digital. 


Rebecca Heap, formerly the head of strategy and digital products, will take on the new position.

Brendan Dahill, formerly head of programming, will be responsible for the non-scripted team, which will include the heads of arts (Mandy Chang), factual (Steve Bibb), entertainment (Jon Casimir) and events (Justin Holdforth).

The head of scripted production will be responsible for ABC drama and will lead the heads of indigenous (Sally Riley), comedy (Rick Kalowski) and children’s (TBA). 

The scripted production HOD role is currently under recruitment and responsibilities will be picked up by the director of television, Richard Finlayson, until that slot is filled.

The head of children’s and education role, also TBD, will focus on original content production, and continue to work closely with children’s programmers in the audience and digital team. 

The reorganisation sees an expanded role for Alastair McKinnon, who will take the role of deputy head of production, which will support all scripted and non-scripted production.

A new role in the executive team, head of partnerships and policy (also yet to be filled) will take on the responsibility for partner and stakeholder relationships, policy and strategy – jobs that were previously under the remit of Rebecca Heap. 

“ABC iview is the number one online TV service in the country. Our audiences are consuming content differently and we need to be programming for the future, now.” director of television Richard Finlayson said.

"There is a huge growing demand for high quality, original Australian content. We have an outstanding team. The focus on scripted and non-scripted production recognises the need across these distinct disciplines for concentrated creative firepower, regardless of platform, genre or demographic.”