Redd Inc horror call-out video

20 September, 2010 by IF

Redd Inc is a groundbreaking, interactive world-first project that invites everyday people to become part of a professional horror movie by submitting video, image and audio content online.

User-generated content, such as short acting video clips, music scores and artwork, is currently being uploaded from all over the world by aspiring musicians, actors, directors and artists who all have their chance to be featured in this film.


From artwork on the villain’s office wall, to forensic photos of victims in gruesome death poses and creepy music underscoring pivotal scenes, content generated by the public will be woven throughout this highly original feature film.

All content is submitted online at where website members vote to rate each other’s work, and ultimately determine which contributions will make it onto the big screen.

The concept has been developed by Australian film producer, Jonathon Green of Green Light Productions.

Redd Inc is an Australian low-budget horror film set in an extraordinary office.

Annabelle is a discontented burlesque webcam stripper who hates her boss and is trying to make a fresh start. However, during one of her shows she is abducted and taken to a horrific makeshift office where she is chained to a desk with five other people. Enter the “boss from hell” Thomas Reddman (Redd), an escaped, wrongly convicted serial killer who is demented from experimental behavioural modification treatment. Redd demands Annabelle and his other “employees” help him find the true serial killer… or die horribly. Annabelle must survive this hellish nightmare and overcome Redd to earn her ticket to freedom.

The script has been developed by Award-winning film producer Green (Angst, Darling) in collaboration with scriptwriter Anthony O’Connor (Angst). The film will be directed by Daniel Krige (West) and will be released in mid-2011.