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Earlier this year Resin started work on the first stage of a major infrastructure upgrade. In May 2008 they completed their grading theatre used for digital intermediate (DI) work.

The suite features a 3.5m projection screen and digital projection system that has been widely adopted in post production facilities with its market leading contrast ratio, colour accuracy and its ability to be finely calibrated for film previews.

Central to the theatre is a suite capable of real-time HD and 2K grading with the ability of working up to 4K in a compositing environment. Resin has constructed the theatre with several applications in mind. The suite can be used for traditional colour work as well as compositing work providing ultimate flexibility for DI work. It is suited to finishing feature film work with a full pipeline to 35mm, cinema commercials or can finish screen based work such as TV commercials, series or documentaries.

Critical to a suite of this nature is the implementation of the colour management and film preview system. The suite is running cineSpace colour management and utilises a high-end calibration probe for measuring and calibrating the theatre. Using 3D LUTs the colourist and director can accurately preview what the digital image will look like on film.

Resin recently completed post production on a cinema commercial for Yalumba and agency KWP. It was conformed from HDCAM-SR and graded with a custom 3D LUT which provided an accurate film preview throughout grading. Working closely with the film lab, Dreamlight, a profile was created at each end to ensure a seamless transition to 35mm. The DI suite was used as a master station where everything conformed to and underwent final colour work. Other artists worked on compositing and animation tasks on other stations. Their work was consolidated to the DI suite which was working away on it’s own compositing tasks. This meant over the 2 weeks the director was able to be previewing compositing as it was being worked on as a projected image and the transition to colour work was seamless all occurring in the same viewing environment.

Resin has also recently completed several projects shot on the RED One camera and in the coming months Resin will be grading the feature film Auction, currently being shot in Tehran in the new DI suite.

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