River Cottage Australia 3 to premiere in May

26 April, 2015 by Press Release

After more than two-years at River Cottage Australia in picturesque Central Tilba, chef-turned-farmer Paul West has his hands well and truly full as his farm grows into a serious small holding.

In the new 8-part 1-hour series, with mid-winter bearing down on the farm, Paul is struggling to cope with his litter of 18 fast-growing piglets, not to mention 8 mischievous goats, 50 chickens, dairy cattle, ducks and a misbehaving Digger dog.


Paul will face challenges that put his farming skills to the test, when season 3 of the River Cottage Australia premieres Tuesday, May 26 at 8.30pm on its new home, LifeStyle FOOD, only on Foxtel.

Paul will need to decide how to best manage his livestock and vegetable garden with limited resources and very little infrastructure.

To do that, he’s going to have to rely on his mentors, friends and other experts in the local community. With their help, he has plans to tailor his vegetable garden into a small business to supply local restaurants and cafes.

He’ll trade what livestock he can, and beg, borrow and barter what he needs to set up River Cottage farm as a truly sustainable and profitable enterprise.

And in amongst it all, he’ll continue his journey in the local area to discover the best seasonal produce – from the land to the rivers and the sea – and share cooking tips and delicious meals with friends, neighbours and viewers alike.

River Cottage Australia is a Foxtel original series produced by KEO Films Australia