Roar Digital (Post-Production) has introduced into its facility the new Blackmagic 16mm/35mm ultra HD film scanner, replacing the need for traditional telecine with this brand new world-class digital film scanner

The opportunity now exists to unlock the potential of the countless hours of film sitting in vaults, shelves and cupboards and bring back to life 16mm and 35mm films with digital restoration. Distribute your cherished and loved films to the new world of digital distribution, video on demand, cable networks, streaming television, stock footage libraries or wherever there is the insatiable demand for new and repackaged media

The Blackmagic Scanner creates superior digital masters. Working along side the DaVinci Resolve suite there is now the ability to easily restore 16mm and 35mm prints, negatives, interpose and interneg formats and remaster in various digital formats including 4K.

Roar Digital recently completed a 4k re-mastering of “Roadgames” for Umbrella Entertainment to be released on Blu-ray later this year. It also produced a short featurette with Vince Monton, the Director of Photography of “Roadgames”, discussing the restoration of the 35mm film.

New opportunities to restore existing libraries of 16mm also exist. Websites and stock footage libraries now offer an opportunity to showcase old productions. Corporations, industry, company records, government departments, training schools, clubs and sport association have archives on 16mm film either forgotten or in storage. Road Digital provides the chance and the technology to bring these unused resources and valuable assets to life in present day formats.

Roar Digital is geared up and ready to handle your important film archives and to guide you through its restoration potential. We have achieved fantastic results so far and look forward to discussing any project with you. 

Please call Charlie or Sean on 03-9646 6688 to discuss.

Roar Digital

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