Robin James and Tony Gilby launch Ploughed Field Productions

27 May, 2011 by IF

Press release from TM Publicity

Robin James, the former Chief Executive of the Pacific Film and Television Commission (now Screen Queensland) and Anthony (Tony) Gilby, director of Walcot Capital, have today announced the formation of their new international film and television production company, Ploughed Field Productions.


Ploughed Field Productions will specialise in the development and production of film and television for the international market. The company principals will also act as Executive Producers on external productions, with a capacity to cashflow the Australian Producer Offset for film and television production.

Tony has a broad background in the oil and gas industry and in finance. He was previously co-founder and CEO of Sunshine Gas Ltd which was taken over by QGC/BG for over $1 billion in 2008. He is a director of Walcot Capital, Comet Ridge Ltd and Tlou Energy Ltd.

Tony is also an avid supporter of the arts and has always shown a keen interest in the film and television industry.

After a career in television production with the ABC, Robin James was appointed Chief Executive of the Pacific Film and Television Commission in 1992. He remained in the role until 2009. In 2006 he was elected the first non-American President of the US- based Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) and was previously a member of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Iemmys). Robin has been awarded the Centenary of Federation Medal for services to the film industry, by the Prime Minister of Australia.

“Tony and I see real opportunities for a company to be based in Australia but to be developing and producing film and television for the international market. With Tony’s background as a venture capitalist and my intense involvement over many years in both Australian and international production, our combined skill sets will enable us to identify and develop projects for production by Ploughed Field and also to work with other producers on selected projects by cashflowing the Producer Offset,” Robin said.

Ploughed Field Productions will be based in Brisbane, Australia.