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The National Awards for Cinematography was celebrated by the Australian Cinematographers Society on Saturday 2nd May with over 180 people attending the black tie affair at the new Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre hosted by the Queensland Branch of the ACS.

The National Awards for Cinematography acknowledges cinematographers that have achieved at the highest level in their state. The annual national awards recognise the best cinematographers in 15 categories for excellence in cinematography genres from News & Current Affairs, to Commercials, Shorts and Features; with awards of distinction in each category and a gold award for Student Cinematography.

The honour of the Milli Award for Australian Cinematographer of the Year, which was awarded to Roger Lanser ACS for his collaboration with Kenneth Branagh on the opera based feature film The Magic Flute.

The gala evening also included an address by the evening’s Guest of Honour, the incomparable Geoff Burton ACS who spoke about his experiences and influences and driven passion for his career and craft.

A number of special accolades; with Anthony Dod Mantle BSC DFF receiving the International Award for Cinematography for his work on Slumdog Millionaire who accepted his award in person at the event and will be touring the country with the ACS state branches, holding member Q&A screenings around the country over the coming week.

The society also recognised some key contributors to the industry and the society; with three inductees into the ACS Hall of Fame, Ted Taylor ACS, Jim Gilbert ACS and Calvin Gardiner ACS.

A Special Contribution Award was presented to Jan Kenny ACS for her service to the industry and cinematography as the Head of the Cinematography Department at AFTRS. Her loyalty and her integrity know no bounds. The depth of talent graduating from the AFTRS Cinematography department is due testament to Jan’s commitment to the future of the Industry and those students.

During the evening’s formalities the ACS Federal President, Ron Johanson ACS addressed the guests and made special acknowledgement of incredible work done by a specific group of Cinematographers, who often put their own life on the line to bring into our homes, the reality of unparalleled hardship caused by fire and flood, and the tragic loss of life and trauma that is faced by our troops around the world.

Our News Crews are renowned worldwide for their dedication and vigilance, as well as their empathy to the victims and their families. The commitment to telling the true story, and maintaining the integrity of our industry is commended.

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