Screen Australia’s chief executive Ruth Harley today informed staff she is no longer a candidate for the CEO’s position.

In an email to staff Dr Harley said, “The Board believes that the organisation should have a CEO who is new to the agency to lead the next phase." Her five-year term expires in November.

When the board decided to advertise the CEO’s job, Dr Harley told staff she would reapply. Applications for the position closed on April 26. Braithwaite Steiner Pretty Executive Search has begun a round of interviews with applicants. 

IF understands the board appointed a sub-committee of three directors to oversee the process. The board may make a decision as early as July, which, as required by the Screen Australia Act, is made in consultation with the Arts Minister Tony Burke.

The board began the process in April on the assumption that the successful candidate may need to give his or her current employer 2-3 months’ notice.

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  1. Well, ‘new to the agency’ also means it won’t be any of the current executive team. So that’s good news. Doesn’t say much for the board’s capacity to have built a decent team.

  2. This position and accompanying salary needs to be urgently reviewed. The job pays much more than the Prime Minister receives, which is outrageous.
    They are not heading up a major film studio, picking projects and answering to their shareholders.
    They use guaranteed, comfortable government funds to make movies for which they are not accountable anyway.
    If you want to pay Hollywood wages put them on a one year performance-based contract and make them sweat for it!

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