SAFC’s Hendon Studios close this month, Adelaide Studios open August

12 July, 2011 by Brendan Swift

The South Australian Film Corporation will close the Hendon Studios on July 22 as the state agency prepares to open the new $43 million Adelaide Studios facility next month.

The new studios feature two soundstages, production facilities, a 96-seat screening theatre and Dolby Premiere mixing theatre. They replace the Hendon Studios which opened in 1984, when the Federal Government’s 10BA funding scheme was still in operation.


An SAFC spokeswoman said the mix for Rolf de Heer's next feature The King is Dead!, which was filmed at Hendon Studios, is due to be completed at the new studios and demand has been high for studio space.

The SAFC is also understood to be in negotiations to bring a major television series to SA.

SAFC chairwoman Cheryl Bart said the move to the new studios marks a major milestone for South Australia’s film industry.

"A moment when we close the doors at Hendon, knowing that good work has been done here as we prepare ourselves for the exciting times that lie ahead," she said in a statement. "The future looks bright – very bright."

The Hendon backlot is now a bus depot, but was previously used for period sets in films including Playing Beattie Bow and Time Guardians. Other films supported by the SAFC and the Hendon facilities include Gallipoli, Breaker Morant, The Club, The Lighthorsemen and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

An ABC report about the studio's move was recently shown on 7.30 SA and can be viewed here