Salute to get a UK cinema release

07 May, 2012 by Sandy George

It’s a 2008 documentary but Salute has been sold to Arrow Films for an imminent UK theatrical release because of its relevance to the Olympic Games, which kick off in London on July 27.

Salute is about a very symbolic event in the history of African-America civil rights and the part played in that event by champion Australian sprinter Peter Norman.


It was in the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City that Tommie Smith won the 200 metres, Norman came second and John Carlos came third – and all hell broke loose in sporting circles when the two Americans raised their fists in support of black power after accepting their medals.

What happened on the podium that day was highly controversial because many saw it as politicising the Olympics and all three sprinters paid the price, including Norman, who made it clear he supported his fellow runners. Norman died in 2006 and never ran for his country again.

It is understood that Smith will be in London to support the release of the film, the world rights of which are owned by Sydney-based sales agent Odin’s Eye Entertainment.

Salute was written and directed by Norman’s nephew Matt Norman, who has a strong interest in documentaries about social justice.

One of the projects he has in development is about Schapelle Corby, who has been imprisoned in Bali since being found guilty of drug charges. Norman says he would stake his career on the fact that she is innocent.