Samson and Delilah set for Alice premiere

17 April, 2009 by IF

Press Release from Pop Culture

Alice Springs based director-writer-cinematographer, Warwick Thornton will host a FREE screening of his highly anticipated feature film debut, SAMSON & DELILAH at the historical Alice Springs Telegraph Station tomorrow evening, April 17. All are welcome!


The FREE outdoor screening will be preceded by a concert of local bands including Desert Mulga Band, whose music features in the film.

In attendance will also be the film’s two leads, Rowan McNamara (Samson) and Marissa Gibson (Delilah) who are both Alice Springs residents, plus producer Kath Shelper and other cast and crew.

The Alice Springs hometown event will be the theatrical premiere of SAMSON & DELILAH – ahead of the national release on May 7 and the Sydney Premiere on that date also as opening night film of the Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival at the Sydney Opera House.

“This is an event that everyone involved with the film has been looking forward to for such a long time,” says Warwick Thornton speaking from Alice Springs.

“The film was shot entirely in and around Alice Springs and Rowan, Marissa and some of the crew are from here too. So it will definitely be a special night for the whole cast and crew to screen Samson & Delilah here at home”

The premiere is sponsored by AER (Alcohol Education & Rehabilitation Foundation), a not-for-profit company that has funded more than 950 programs throughout Australia.

Speaking on his way to Alice Springs to attend the event, Scott Wilson, Chair of Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation said, “Samson and Delilah is a powerfully confronting film which presents the complexities and realities of everyday life for many young indigenous people. Amongst its culturally loaded content, the film provides a voice for youth on the issue of substance abuse which is a significant challenge for too many young Australians.”

Winner of the Audience Prize (most popular film) at the Adelaide Film Festival, where it received a moving five-minute standing ovation, SAMSON & DELILAH made in and set around the communities of Alice Springs is one of the most highly anticipated Australian films in recent times. The film was co-produced by CAAMA Productions in association with producer Kath Shelper’s company Scarlett Pictures.

SAMSON & DELILAH tells the love story of two Aboriginal teenagers in a remote community in the Central Australian Desert and features stand-out performances by newcomers Rowan McNamara and Marissa Gibson.