By Brendan Swift

Warwick Thornton’s indigenous love story Samson & Delilah has racked up eight Inside Film Award nominations among a strong line-up of films this year.

It was closely followed by political thriller Balibo, which has seven nominations, and animated feature Mary & Max, with four nominations.

Samson & Delilah and Balibo were also nominated for Best Feature Film alongside Lebanese-Australian crime thriller Cedar Boys.

Best actor nominee and Samson & Delilah star Rowan McNamara with IF Awards producer Clare Sawyer

The Inside Film Awards are largely determined by public votes and this year received 191,433 ratings – more than triple the number received in 2008.

The nominations were announced this morning in Sydney by host Eddie Perfect, actor David Wenham, Beneath Hill 60 director Jeremy Sims and Packed to the Rafters actress Jessica McNamee.

Jessica McNamee with host Eddie Perfect at the IF Award Nominations event

The 2009 IF Awards will be held in Sydney on November 18 at Sydney’s Luna Park. Tickets to the event (which is open to those aged 18 years and over) are on sale now at:

The 2009 IF Award Nominees
The Showtime IF Award for Best Feature Film
·         Balibo
·         Cedar Boys
·         Samson & Delilah
The IF Award for Best Actor
·         Anthony LaPaglia – Balibo
·         Rowan McNamara – Samson & Delilah
·         Hugo Weaving – Last Ride
The IF Award for Best Actress
·         Marissa Gibson – Samson & Delilah
·         Sasha Horler – My Year Without Sex
·         Frances O’Connor – Blessed
The Jameson IF Award for Best Script
·         Mary & Max – Adam Elliot
·         Samson & Delilah – Warwick Thornton
·         Balibo – Robert Connolly, David Williamson
The Dinosaur Design IF Award for Best Music
·         Mary & Max – Dale Cornelius
·         Balibo – Lisa Gerrard
·         Samson & Delilah – Warwick Thornton
The National Film & Sound Archive IF Award for Best Direction
·         Mary & Max – Adam Elliot
·         Samson & Delilah – Warwick Thornton
·         Beautiful Kate – Rachel Ward
The Zig Zab Lane IF Award for Best Sound
·         Australia – Andy Nelson, Anna Behlmer, Wayne Pashley, Guntis Sics
·         Balibo – Sam Petty, Emma Bortignon, Phil Heywood, Ann Aucote
·         Samson & Delilah – Liam Egan, David Tranter, Robert Sullivan, Tony Murtagh, Yulia Akerholt
The AVID IF Award for Best Editing
·         Balibo – Nick Meyers
·         Beautiful Kate – Veronika Jenet
·         Blessed – Jill Bilcock
The Dyson IF Award for Best Production Design
·         Australia – Catherine Martin, Ian Gracie, Karen Murphy, Beverley Dunn
·         Blessed – Simon McCutcheon
·         Mary & Max – Adam Elliot
The Sony IF Award for Best Cinematography
·         Balibo – Tristan Milani
·         Beautiful Kate – Andrew Commis
·         Samson & Delilah – Warwick Thornton
The Resolution Design Independent Spirit IF Award
·         Lake Mungo – Director , Joel Anderson
·         The 10  Conditions of Love  – Director, Jeff Daniels
·         My Tehran for Sale – Director, Granaz Moussavi
The EFilm IF Award for Rising Talent
·         Dominic Allen
·         Darren Dale
·         Rene Hernandez
The Holding Redlich IF Award for Best Short Film
·         Aunty Maggie & The Womba Wakgun – Directed by Leah Purcell
·         Ralph – Directed by Deborah Mailman
·         Jacob – Directed by Dena Curtis
The Autodesk IF Award for Best Animation
·         The Cat Piano – Eddie White & Ari Gibson
·         Tin Can Heart – Rodney March
·         Chicken of God – Frank Woodley
The Production Book IF Award for Best Short Documentary
·         Mankind is No Island – Jason Van Genderen
·         The Love Market – Shalom Almond
·         Searching for Michael Peterson – Jolyon Hoff
The FACB IF Award for Best Documentary
·         The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce – Michael James Rowland
·         Yes, Madam, Sir – Megan Doneman
·         A Good Man – Safina Uberoi
The Chaotic Pictures IF Award for Best Music Video
·         Sway Sway Baby – Short Stack – Dan Reisinger
·         Sun Shower – The Little Stevies – Robin Geradts-Gill
·         Wild Eyed Boy – Birds of Tokyo – Josh Groom
The Cutting Edge IF Award for Box Office Achievement
·         Recipient to be announced at the 2009 IF Awards on November 18th
The Living Legend IF Award
·         Recipient to be announced at the 2009 IF Awards on November 18th
The TDC IF Award for Best Film Festival
·         Recipient to be announced at the 2009 IF Awards on November 18th

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