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Saw V has opened on October 23 as the No 1 film in Australia, proving audience appeal of the horror flick is still growing and the film franchise is alive and well. The film took an estimated $AU 340,000 on 199 screens, making this the fourth film in a row in the Saw franchise to hit No 1 on opening day.

Created by Melbourne RMIT graduates Leigh Whannell and James Wan, the success of the Saw films has become Australian legend: a dream come true, via the stuff of nightmares.

The original Saw, made for less than a million US, was an unexpected cult hit, taking around $US103 million worldwide. The subsequent films in the horror franchise have each proven to be box office success stories, both internationally and locally for Australian distributor Hoyts Distribution.

Hoyts Corporation Head of Marketing, Anthony Thiessen, said they are delighted by the latest result. "We’re thrilled with the consistent box office success and growth of the franchise. The story continues to find a new and enthusiastic audience with each film," he said.

Saw V, starring Tobin Bell and Australian Costas Mandylor, resumes the Jigsaw (Bell) mystery. Upon hearing the news that Jigsaw’s games will play on from his death, Detective Hoffman (Mandylor) has disappeared and a whole new game is just about to start.

Saw V was released in Australia on October 23.

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