SBS documentary series confronts fault lines in Australian society

04 August, 2014 by Press Release

Prepare for a new series that will rock foundations and challenge prejudices – Living with the Enemy is set to confront the fault lines in contemporary Australian society.

Produced by Shine Australia for SBS, each episode explores a different subject currently dividing Australian opinion by asking people to live 24/7 with others whose lifestyles and beliefs directly contradict their own.


Each pairing has never met each other before they spend ten days together – five days in one world, then five days in the other.

The hotly debated issues explored include same sex marriage; immigration; detention centres; hunting and animal rights; decriminalisation of marijuana; and Islam.

“Living with the Enemy confronts major issues by bringing together a provocative clash of beliefs, ideologies and personalities that will have audiences shouting at the television”, Tony Iffland, SBS Director of Television, said.

“It’s a series that reflects the passion and drama SBS programs are renowned for, by provoking intense public debate on topics that impact all Australians.“

An engaged gay couple lives with an Anglican minister opposed to same sex marriage. A devout Muslim couple lives with an Aussie ‘patriot’. A Sudanese former refugee lives with an ultra-nationalist. A former ‘boat person’ lives with a woman who wants him deported. A conservative woman lives with an old school hippy who has smoked his own weight in marijuana; and a gun-obsessed hunter lives with a vegan animal liberationist.

Will they find a greater understanding of one another after ten days – or remain enemies?

Episode 1 – Same Sex Marriage

Recent studies show up top 72% (Crosby Textor poll) of Australians support marriage equality – but it remains illegal in Australia.

Gregory and Michael are gay activists and passionate atheists who are engaged to be married.

David is a conservative Anglican minister and father of three who believes gay people should not be married.

They’ll spend a rollercoaster ten days immersed in each other’s worlds, knocking heads and challenging each other’s beliefs.

There will be fights, tantrums, heated debates and some unexpected twists, revealing much about the diverse individuals that make up Australia and the often fragile society we live in.

Whose side are you on? And will you think the same by the end of the episode?

Find out when episode 1 of Living with the Enemy premieres on at 8.30pm Wednesday, September 3 on SBS ONE.

Living with Enemy was produced by Shine Australia for SBS.